This website is provided by Total Trade and Construction, Co Ltd, a Company registered in Thailand. The name for the project is White Beach Villas as a trademark

(1.) Buyers can purchase the house and land outright with full chanote title in the name of a Thai person or company, or they can purchase the house and lease the land from White Beach Villas. The Lease will be registered at the Land Department in Pranburi for 30 years and the buyer will have the right to transfer the name of ownership to another person or to resell the property to a new client. The new buyer will be responsible for all registration fees, transfer taxes and stamp duties at the local land department. The new buyer will receive a new leasehold agreement of 30 years with the same rights and conditions as the previous owner.

(2.) 30-year registered leases for all land plots costs THB 4.5 per m2 per month for 360 months. This is included in the purchase price of the villa and considered to be paid in advance at the time of registering the initial 30 year lease. All registration fees, legal costs and stamp duty related to the 30 year lease are paid by White Beach Villas. When renewing the lease after the 30 years has expired, registration and legal fees will be payable by the owner. (Currently approximately THB 35,000) VAT and building taxes The Seller is responsible for VAT. The Seller is responsible for future property land tax. The Buyer is responsible for future property building tax and lease registrations fees.

(3.) The Seller is responsible for all official permits. The Seller will provide the buyer with house registration book with the official house address.

(4.) Communal monthly maintenance fees will be THB 2500 per month. Optional private garden maintenance is THB 4 per month per m2 of land owned. Optional swimming pool maintenance is THB 2500 per month for an 8m x 4m pool. (Electricity and water will be payable at the normal government rates with no surcharge, each house will have a ‘clean water tank’ for indoor usage.) Maintenance includes; Security guard service, maintenance of roads and shrubs, garbage collection, electricity and water supply, payable yearly in advance to White Beach Villas.

White Beach Villas is a project by Total Trade and Construction Co. Ltd., a building contractor company in Dolphin Bay, Thailand. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, transparency and fairness, and we are proud to offer 20 luxurious private pool villas built to European standards in a beautiful natural setting. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy team is fluent in English, Dutch and Thai and is always ready to assist and serve you with a smile.

White Beach Villas not only offers you top quality in used materials and quality, we also offer the following extras:

• 3 phase electricity supply

• Government water supply

• Wide concrete project roads - offering more space and privacy between villas

• German make high quality water pipes

• Internet connection

• Luxury finishing products and specifications to using brand names for all components, kitchens, bathrooms, built-in furniture, all electrical goods, air conditioning, high ceilings, over-flow pools, granites, marbles, stainless steel electric gates, Double insulation

• Garden sprinkler systems as standard

• Permanent on site Property Management and Maintenance Office with General Manager

• Double insulation in the roofs 15cm

We understand that buying property in Thailand is a huge investment, one that we ourselves have also made, this is why we want to help you make the right decision, one that you will be delighted with for the rest of your life. Our mission is to provide information and consultation to people considering a purchase in White Beach Villas and we hold ourselves accountable for the social, environmental and economic impact of our operation.